Do all to the glory of God.

1Co 10:23-11:1; 1Co 8:9; 9:12, 19-23; Gal 5:13-14; Rom 14:13-16; 15:1-3.

1COR-26-190915 - length: 63:32 - taught on Sep, 15 2019

Class Outline:

John Farley
September 15, 2019

Pastor Kingsley Emenike South Africa Mission trip:
September 18th-30th 2019


Do all to the glory of God

1CO 10:23 - 11:1

He takes it from the particulars of eating meat to general conduct as a Christian.

We have freedom as Christians to make use of all of God’s creation.

But there are situations where to do so would not be beneficial to others (or even ourselves).

Freedom is not an end in itself. It is a resource, like time or talent or money.

Will we spend it all on our own rights and desires, or will we sacrifice our rights at times and use our freedom to serve others?

GAL 5:13-14

Paul next gives practical instructions that balance our freedom and the well-being of others.

1CO 10:25-28

He begins with two situations where the saints are free to eat meat with no qualms.

The first is buying meat in the market for your own dinner.

Paul tells them to go ahead and eat any food that is sold in the meat market.

Once the meat left the idol’s temple, it was no longer idol food.

Christians are free to partake of meat without asking questions about whether it was “kosher” as it were.

If they were invited to dinner at an unbeliever’s home and they wanted to go,

they should be a good guest and eat whatever is served.

Christians are not supposed to wall ourselves off and refuse to have contact with unbelievers.

Here, though, in the private home of an unbeliever, there is an exception.

To eat the meat would be perceived by the host and other guests as condoning the worship of idols.

But even more damaging, it could create a huge obstacle for an unbeliever to believe in Christ.

But if you did eat you would not be violating your own conscience.

So the issue is not your conscience but their conscience.
The way they see it, not the way you see it.

It’s time to sacrifice your freedom for the sake of others - and for the sake of the gospel.

1CO 8:9
1CO 9:12
1CO 9:19-23
1CO 10:24

Love does not seek its own.

Love does no wrong to a neighbor.

ROM 14:13-16


1CO 10:31-32

What course of action will bring glory to God?

Do nothing that could cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble.

Do nothing that could turn unbelievers away from the gospel.

Seek the best interests of others.

Take the course of action that will be the most effective witness for Christ.

I have the freedom to



Am I acting to bring glory to God -
or to fulfill my own selfish desires?

Am I acting for the well-being of others, or am I seeking my own advantage?

Is it more likely that this action will bring someone to Christ - or turn someone away from Christ?

1CO 11:1

Paul dedicated his life to Christ, preaching the word of the cross, the gospel.

Christ gave Paul and us the ultimate example to follow-

when at the cross He sacrificed His life for others, that they might be saved.

ROM 15:1-3