We proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.

1Co 11:20-26; 10:16-17; 5:7-8; Gal 1:11-12; 1Pe 1:18-19; 2:24; Luk 22:14-16; Deu 9:11-12; Exo 12:23-27; 24:8.

1COR-29-191006 - length: 69:03 - taught on Oct, 6 2019

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John Farley
September 29, 2019

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You proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes

1CO 11:23-26

The thoughtless, selfish behavior of the Corinthians when they gathered together to eat the Lord’s Supper.

1CO 11:20-22

1Co 17-22:
Paul calls them out and rebukes them for their abuses at the Lord’s Supper.

1Co 23-26:
Paul delivers the Lord’s instruction about His Supper.

1Co 27-34:
Paul warns them about judgment, and exhorts them to correct the abuses.

1Co 23-26 take us back to the upper room where Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples on the night before His death.

1CO 11:23-26

It does not stand alone. It has a context.

Why is the context important for this particular passage?

The fact that He chose to place it HERE is highly significant.

The Lord’s Supper is also a remedy.
It fixes things.

Paul received this teaching directly from the Lord.


1CO 11:23

This was not brand new material for them. He had previously taught them this.

The Lord took one loaf of bread.

They were not really gathering together to eat the Lord’s Supper but rather their own suppers.

1CO 10:16-17

He said that the one bread of the Lord’s table signifies that the many saints are really one body.

The bread was the remedy for their lack of concern for one another.

1CO 11:23-24

God’s Son took on flesh. His body was nailed to the cross. He bore our sins in His body on the cross.

1PE 2:24

He gave up His body for our healing. This is the meaning of the Lord’s Supper.

I really wasn’t going to the common meal for the right reason.

But He was thinking about me, about all of us, when He died.

I missed the truth that this one loaf means that we are all one body, members of one another.

I wouldn’t have behaved the way I did at those meals if I had remembered Him.

1CO 11:25

LUK 22:14-16

Remembering how the Lord delivered the nation of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

While the Lord was establishing His covenant with the nation, the nation was forgetting all about Him.

DEU 9:11-12

The Lord’s people can forget Him so easily. So quickly.

EXO 12:23-27

We remember that the Lord died to free us from sin and death and judgment.

1CO 11:25

The cup is the new covenant in the Lord’s blood.

The nation of Israel broke the old covenant.

The old covenant was inaugurated with blood.

EXO 24:8

The new covenant is also inaugurated with blood.
The blood of Christ.

1CO 11:25

The cup represents the blood that Christ shed for us so our sins would be forgiven.

1PE 1:18-19

1CO 11:25-26

It is one great drama where we as one body are depicting what happened at the cross.

We are proclaiming the death of the Lord once again every time we share in the table and cup of the Lord.

Disregarding your brother or sister makes a mockery of the event.

1CO 5:7-8

1CO 11:26

LUK 22:16
for I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.