Properly and in an orderly manner.

1Co 14:27-40; 11:2-10.

1COR-47-200301 - length: 71:49 - taught on Mar, 1 2020

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 1, 2020


Properly and in an orderly manner

1CO 14:29-40

In order to understand a passage, it is necessary to to “check out the neighborhood”.

Many commentators write them off as something that was inserted into the text later.


The subject of chapters 12 - 14 is spiritual gifts.
How the Corinthians were abusing the gifts.

Chapter 14 is dedicated to convincing the Corinthians that the gift of prophecy was superior to the gift of tongues. 

Verses 34 and 35 are not a blanket statement about women’s behavior generally.

These verses are speaking about women in the context of the exercise of the gifts of prophecy and tongues.

verses 34 and 35 are found in the section that gives instructions to the prophets - verses 29-38.

Paul has earlier made provision for a woman to prophesy.

1CO 11:2-10

In chapter 14, there is no indication
that women were prophesying.

verses 34 & 35 make sense in a situation where you have men prophesying followed by others judging what they say.

1CO 14:34-35

The women in view in verses 34-35 are married women: wives.

It was shameful for a wife to speak in that situation. It challenged the authority of her husband.

Paul also tells men keep silent! Again, during the worship service when men were speaking in tongues and prophesying.

1CO 14:27-30

If a man prophesied, it should be another man who judged. Not a woman.

1CO 14:34-40

Here we have two more rebukes to the saints at Corinth.

He will submit to the Lord’s commandment.

He will recognize the authority of the apostle that the Lord sent.

And every aspect of the worship service must be done properly (nothing shameful or disrespectful) and in an orderly manner.

There is something much more profound here than simply the proper behavior of men and women during the worship service.

Peace is the fruit of order and submission to authority.

They are always at work attempting to destroy the order and authority set up by God for people.