More excitement in Babylon - Daniel chapter 5 and 6

Guest speaker Elder Steve Pomeroy

SPEC-81-200510 - length: 34:57 - taught on May, 10 2020

Class Outline:

Lighthouse Bible Church

Sunday May 10, 2020


More Excitement in Babylon

Daniel Chapter 5 and 6


It seems like Nebuchadnezzar didn’t pass on to his son the lessons he had learned about God


He does the same thing his father did calling all the conjurers, Chaldeans and diviners with the same result as the last 2 times.


Belshazzar still chose to be arrogant and worship false gods who have no knowledge or power while ignoring the one God who has all the knowledge and power.



What is the result here?

Daniel who is faithful to God is blessed while Belshazzar is murdered.



Daniel’s Jealous political rivals plot against him.


Daniel heard about this injunction and he kept his faith continuing to pray and thank God.


Daniel knew that God had his back and since nothing is impossible with God he trusted God with his life


A few things to notice about Darius:

He was from another land and culture when he began to rule over Babylon

He evaluated Daniel on his merits and found him capable to be over the whole kingdom


He unfortunately didn’t realize the politicians were just trying to get rid of Daniel due to jealousy


He felt terrible about what he had allowed to happen



Summary of Daniel 1-6

Daniel stayed true to his beliefs and to God even when faced with adversity

He picked his battles following Jewish dietary laws and let the name change go uncontested


He didn’t fight or protest the food order but challenged his captors to test his plan and let the results determine their fate


Daniel and his 3 friends were diligent with God’s help to learn everything they needed to please the king


Truly a great story of faith in action