By the grace of God.

1Co 15:8-11Act 26:9-18; 1Ti 1:12-17; Mar 2:16-17; Rom 4:5; 5:17; Tit 3:3-7; 2:11-14; Eph 2:4-7.

1COR-49-200524 - length: 60:43 - taught on May, 24 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
May 24, 2020


By the grace of God

1CO 15:8-11

The subject of chapter 15 is the bodily resurrection of the dead.

How can a man go from being the worst persecutor of Christians one day …

…to being the most passionate preacher of the gospel of Christ the next day?

The amazing, miraculous, precious grace of God.

The Greek word that is translated “one untimely born” means a miscarriage or an abortion.

That subject is the grace of God.

1CO 15:9-10

He’s a miscarriage, a complete failure - destined for the trash heap of humanity.

In another letter he would write that he was the least of all saints.

And in a third letter he is called the chief of all sinners.

Because he persecuted the church of God.

ACT 26:9-18

And yet - Christ picked him. Saved him. Gave him a unique mission. A mission that only the chief of sinners was fit to fulfill.

1TI 1:12-17

Saul of Tarsus would become the poster child for the grace of God.

MAR 2:16-17

If Christ can save the chief of sinners, he can save me.

ROM 4:5

In fact, sinners are the ONLY people He saves!

God’s grace comes into view when we despair of ever being able to justify ourselves.

1CO 15:10

Just like only God’s grace can explain how any of us got saved.

And only God’s grace can explain how we have grown to become more like Christ.

TIT 3:3-7

Now He meets our needs every day. He meets our inability with His abundance.

ROM 5:17

Grace means gifts freely given for a great purpose.

TIT 2:11-14

EPH 2:4-7

to be people upon whom God showers His grace

so that all creation may know the genius, the love, the righteousness, and power of His glory.