We will bear the image of the heavenly.

1Co 15:42-49; 15:20-22; Gen 2:7; Joh 5:21; 20:26-28; 1Th 1:10; 4:16; 1Jo 3:2; Rom 8:3,29; Php 3:20-21; Luk 24:38-42.

1COR-54-200628 - length: 61:23 - taught on Jun, 28 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 28, 2020



We will bear the image of the heavenly

1CO 15:42-49

At the head of the earthy is Adam, the first man.

At the head of the heavenly is the last Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ.

1CO 15:20-22

In Adam all die because the body we inherited from Adam is perishable, mortal, weak, and dishonorable.

In Christ all will be made alive because we will inherit a body like His: immortal, powerful, and full of glory.

There is an earthly realm and a heavenly realm.



1CO 15:44

In order for us to live in the heavenly realm, we need a body that has been crafted for a heavenly existence.

1CO 15:45

GEN 2:7

This life was a breathing life. In other words, it was suitable for life in nature.

The word “last” means the ultimate , the final.

Two headships have been established for mankind: Adam and Christ.

1CO 15:45

Giving life refers to raising the dead.

JOH 5:21

Christ became a life-giving Spirit by His resurrection from the dead.

1CO 15:46

Adam had the natural body.

Christ has the resurrection body.

The spiritual body is the body that the Christian will have when Christ comes for the church at the Rapture.

1CO 15:47-48

The first man , Adam, was formed from the dust of the earth.

The resurrected Christ will come down from heaven at the Rapture.

1TH 1:10
1TH 4:16

1CO 15:48

The two types of bodies get their characteristics from their respective Federal heads.

Adam passed on his nature to all of his descendants.

Christians will receive a body like that of the resurrected Christ.

1CO 15:49

We will bear the image of Christ!

1JO 3:2
Romans 8:29

Christ will stamp His characteristics on those who are His at His coming.

PHI 3:20-21

The resurrection body of Christ reveals some things about what ours will be like.

JOH 20:26-28

We will be recognizable to others.

We will be able to disappear from one place and instantly appear in another.


We will have flesh and bones (but apparently not blood).

LUK 24:38-42

Man was made in the image and likeness of God. (GEN 1:26)


After Adam sinned, the human race took the image of fallen man. (GEN 5:3)


But God had a plan to rescue His beloved creation, man.

ROM 8:3

He received a sinless body, but one that was weak (hunger, thirst, weariness) and could die.

They will be made in the image of Christ, the God-man.