Death is swallowed up in victory

1Co 15:50-58; 15:23-28; Rev 21:1-4; 1Th 4:13-18; 2Co 5:1-3

1COR-55-200705 - length: 62:10 - taught on Jul, 5 2020

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John Farley
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July 5, 2020

Pastor Kingsley Emenike

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Death is swallowed up in victory

1CO 15:50-58

This passage delivers the climax for the subject of the resurrection of the dead.

Verse 50 summarizes the previous material, and expresses a widely held view among the Corinthians:

that it is impossible for flesh and blood to inherit the eternal kingdom of God.

Verse 51 answers the question: What about those who are alive when the dead are raised?

Verse 52 places this miraculous event at the last trumpet.

Verses 53 and 54a use the imagery of putting on clothing.

Verses 54 b and 55 draw from the prophets to taunt Death.

Verses 56 and 57 show that Christ’s victory is complete.

Finally, verse 58 links our future to the victorious life we are called to live now.

“Flesh and blood” refers to people in our present mortal bodies.

The eternal heavenly kingdom of God the Father occurs after the Millennial Reign of Christ.

1CO 15:23-28

“The end” in verse 24 refers to the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven.

REV 21:1-4

They must be changed by God into bodies built for heavenly life in the eternal presence of God.

1CO 15:51

“Mystery” refers to something which was formerly hidden but now has been brought to light by divine revelation.

The living will have their bodies transformed without having to die.

When will this transformation occur? Will it be gradual or sudden?

1CO 15:52


that which cannot be divided.

Faster than a nanosecond!

The twinkling of an eye is contrasted with the blinking of an eye (which is slow by comparison!)

The last trumpet sounds marking the end of the church age. It is the signal for the dead to rise.

In this passage, Paul does not give an outline of the events of the Rapture.

1TH 4:13-18

1CO 15:52

He simply states that the transformation will occur at a future instant of time when the last trumpet sounds.

1CO 15:53-54

He uses the metaphor of putting on clothing.

“To put on” means to bear the image of.

The body changes, but it remains the same person.