The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

1Co 16:19-24; Col 4:13; Act 18:1-3; Rom 16:3-5,16; 1Pe 1:8-9, 5:14; Gal 1:8-9

1COR-60-200809 - length: 68:36 - taught on Aug, 9 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
August 9, 2020

Chosen People Ministries

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

1CO 16:19-24

The beloved community where all things are done in love.

Rivalries, selfishness, arrogance.

There is a “he”
among the “you”.

You belong to a wider community -
an extended family,
if you will.

The Bible names four churches that Paul founded in Asia:

Ephesus, Colossae, Laodicea, and Hierapolis.


COL 4:13

Let’s have a short visit with Aquila and Prisca.

ACT 18:1-3

They first met Paul when he came to Corinth.


They opened their home for church meetings in Ephesus and in Rome.

ROM 16:3-5

The capital cities of three Roman provinces: Italy, Achaia, and Asia.


1CO 16:19-20

They greeted the Corinthian church with warmth and affection.

Paul then asks the saints in Corinth to greet one another. With a holy kiss.

ROM 16:16

Peter called it a kiss of love in 1PE 5:14.

1PE 5:14

It was an expression of respect, friendship, love, and peace among the saints.

You had a community that was divided.

It would indicate that they were willing to start healing the rift.


1CO 16:21-24

Paul often took the pen to write a short note at the end of the letter.


It breaks the string of statements he makes concerning “you” -greetings to the saints.

He is warning them about an individual among them who rejected their Lord.

He was an unbeliever. He was not in Christ.

Paul pronounces a curse on such an individual.

anathema =
“given over to divine condemnation”.

GAL 1:8-9

Here in Galatians the one to be accursed is anyone who preaches a false gospel.

These are false brethren, brought in to put the saints in bondage.

Anyone who has no love for the Lord is an unbeliever.

Paul would never pronounce a curse on a believer.

And all believers love the Lord.

All those who have been justified -and all believers have - love God. ROM 8:28-30)

1PE 1:8-9

1CO 16:22-24


O Lord - come!

Death will be swallowed up in victory.

Paul began with grace (1:3-8), and he ends with grace.

He expresses his love for each one of them.

He had a fatherly love for them all (4:14-21).

It’s ours now.