The law is not made for a righteous person.

1Ti 13-11; Rom 8:3-4; 1:16-17; Gal 2:16; Rom7:6; 15:19.

1TIM-2-200823 - length: 72:22 - taught on Aug, 23 2020

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John Farley

Pastor Teacher


August 23, 2020

Chosen People Ministries

The law is not made for a righteous person

1TI 1:3-11

In verse 6, “these things” points back to verse 5.

They wanted to be what they were not, which was teachers of the Law.

They had no clue about the proper use of the Law in light of the glorious gospel .

There was a proper use of the Law as well as an improper use of the Law.

He begins with a clear statement: the Law is good. Morally good, noble, and beautiful.

But Paul sees the law as an instrument that must be wielded with precision.


one uses the Law appropriately.

How should the Law be used?

The Law has been established for one group, but not for the other group.

Quite simply, it serves no purpose for the righteous.

The false teachers assumed that the Law WAS made for the righteous.

The Law has no power to make a man righteous.

ROM 8:3-4

Again, that raises the question: who ARE the righteous?

ROM 1:16-17

The righteous are those who live by faith.

GAL 2:16

The righteous are the believers in Christ.

The Law serves no purpose for the Christian - but it does serve a purpose for the unbeliever.

1TI 1:9

The law is designed for certain people, not certain vices or sins.

But Christians are not under the Law. We have died to the Law.

ROM 7:6

1TI 1:9-11

We are given a list of those who violate the Law in the most flagrant ways.

Paul follows the order of the

Ten Commandments.

He begins with unbelievers who commit offenses against God.

The lawless ignore the law, while the rebellious intentionally violate it.

The ungodly have no reverence for God.

They act blasphemously toward God.

The sinners oppose God. They do wrong in the sight of God.

The unholy are the opposite of the righteous.

This is an extreme violation of the 5th commandment to honor your father and mother, EXO 20:12

This is a violation of the 6th commandment, Thou shalt not murder, EXO 20:13


This is an extreme violation of the 7th commandment not to commit adultery.

EXO 20:14

Slave traders, men who captured free men and sold them into slavery.

This is an extreme violation of the 8th commandment “do not steal” EXO 20:15.

Liars are those who tell untruths in any circumstances.

Perjurers are those who lie under oath.

These are violations of the 9th commandment “you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” EXO 20:16

Sound teaching refers to healthy or wholesome teaching as opposed to false teaching, which is diseased.

The appropriate use of the Law stems from the gospel that the Lord has entrusted to him.

ROM 15:19