God desires all men to be saved.

1Ti 2:1-7; 1:15; 4:10; 6:4; 1Th 4:10-12; Tit 2:11-12; Rom 3:21-30; 2Co 5:18-19; 2Ti 4:7.

1TIM-5-200913 - length: 61:07 - taught on Sep, 13 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
September 13, 2020

God desires all men to be saved

1TI 2:1-7

1TI 1:15

Beginning in chapter 2, he will give Timothy the battle plan.

To understand what the fight is about!

The key to verses 1-7? Two words: “all” and “men/man”.

What is under attack? The mission to preach the gospel to all men (and women!)

1TI 2:1-7

The limited atonement: the heresy that Christ did not die for all members of the human race.

It’s an attack on God’s entire plan of salvation:

God’s will,
the purpose of Christ’s death,
and Paul’s mission to the Gentiles.

Our greatest weapon in the fight: prayer with one purpose.

To mobilize the church to pray for all members of the human race.

God desires the salvation of all people (verse 4)

Jesus is the mediator between God and the entire human race (verse 5)

The human Christ Jesus gave himself as a ransom for all human beings (verse 6)

Paul is the apostle, preacher and teacher for the Gentiles - all nations. (verse 7)

Pray for all men. In your entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings.

The lifestyle and inner disposition that will cause no hindrance to the preaching of the gospel to all men.

1TH 4:10-12

Live lives that match the message of the gospel.

1TI 6:4

1TI 2:3-4

God’s will in His entire plan of salvation is for all men to be saved.

Since God desires all men to be saved, He expects the church to pray for all men.

1TI 4:10
TIT 2:11-12

Universalism is the heresy, that all human beings WILL be saved.

All are eligible to be saved, but many refuse to believe in Christ as their Savior.

ROM 3:21-25; ROM 3:28-30

1TI 2:5-6

A mediator is the go-between who works to reconcile two parties.

Here the two parties are God and the human race.

The humanity of Christ is fundamental to His role as mediator.

Christ gave Himself as a ransom for the entire human race.

This is another reason why the church should pray for the salvation of all human beings.

1TI 2:7

Paul’s mission to preach the gospel to the Gentiles is their mission as well.

2CO 5:18-19

2TI 4:17