Making a claim to godliness

1Ti 2:8-15; 1Co 11:8-9; 1Ti 5:14-15

1TIM-6-200920 - length: 65:14 - taught on Sep, 20 2020

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
September 20, 2020

Making a claim to godliness

1TI 2:8-15

These false teachings were inflicting great damage on the churches.

In verse 8, Paul asks Timothy to deal with the men so that they can pray properly.

In verses 9-14, Paul addresses the propriety of the women during the public church services.

In verse 15, he addresses the proper role of married women in family life.

1TI 2:8

The key here is the word “holy”.

An angry or openly hostile man is in no condition to pray properly.

1TI 2:9-10

How a woman (or a man for that matter) dresses is a reflection of her thoughts and attitudes.

Modesty and discretion in dress reflect a godly woman’s inner life.

But he is essentially asking the ladies to avoid ostentatious displays.

1TI 2:11-12

Paul writes about the proper roles of men and women in the worship service…

.. in order to to protect the church against the efforts of satan to destroy her.

First, the setting is the worship service.

God has ordained that gifted males will teach, and gifted females will learn.

Gifted men do the teaching when the congregation is publicly assembled.

Elders and deacons likewise are in the positions of authority for the local church.

Proper conduct ensures that the church will remain the pillar and support of the truth.

But it does not follow that women have no role in the ministry!

Paul counted women among his partners in the cause of the gospel, albeit not in his role as apostle or preacher.

Verses 13 and 14 give two reasons why women are not permitted to teach men.

1TI 2:13-14

Verse 13 argues from the original creation of man and woman.

Verse 14 argues from the fall of the human race.

1CO 11:8-9

1TI 2:14

The serpent, satan, deceived the woman into eating the forbidden fruit.

Rather he is dealing with which gender is suited for teaching.

A tendency to be easily deceived is fatal to guarding the truth and sniffing out lies.

1TI 2:15

Paul pivots from all women in the church setting to married women in the home.

The word sozo can also mean to be rescued or kept safe from harm or danger.

The same danger that Eve fell into - being deceived by satan!

The woman is protected by remaining in the place of safety that God has provided for her.

How do women avoid making the same mistake that Eve made?

1TI 5:14-15

“bear children” in 1TI 2:15 is shorthand for getting married, bearing children, and keeping house.

Married women are protected from temptation by living in their God-ordained role in the home.

God has provided two “safe houses” for women:
the family household, and God’s household.

A married woman is protected by living a life centered around her family and her husband.

Not confined to the home, however. Centered around -
not limited by.

Unmarried women are protected by centering their life on the household of God: the church.

A life lived in faith, love, holiness, and propriety.