The office of overseer.

1Ti 3:1-7; Tit 1:5-9; 1Co 16:5-6.

1TIM-7-200927 - length: 64:57 - taught on Sep, 27 2020

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
September 27, 2020

The office of overseer

1TI 3:1-7

In chapter 3, he turns his attention to the leaders in the assembly.

verses 1-7: criteria for the office of overseer. verses 8-13: criteria the office of deacon.

TIT 1:5-9

Overseer and elder refer to the same office.

Pastors and teachers are gifts, not offices.

Very little is said about the duties of that office.

Of first importance is the character of the man.

His observable behavior would reveal both virtues and vices.

1TI 3:2

TIT 1:7
if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife

This ideal represents the entire catalog and forms a bracket with verse 7.

1TI 3:7

Provide nothing that an adversary could seize upon to level a damning accusation.

1TI 3:1-3

These criteria have to do with character which can be observed by a man’s behavior.

the qualities that a leader ought to have, and behaviors that disqualify a man.

mias gunaikos andra

“a one-woman man”

Most translations point to the individual’s marital status.

• Unmarried
• Remarried
• Polygamous

Being devoted exclusively to one’s current spouse.

Current observable behavior fits well with the rest of the qualities on this list.

Marital fidelity to one’s current spouse involves observable behavior …

…that would be well-regarded, both by those within the Christian community and those outside it.

The New Testament condemns extra-marital activity:

adultery, homosexuality, and consorting with prostitutes.

“ Temperate, prudent, respectable” describe a well-ordered and disciplined life.

The sending and receiving of guests was an important feature of early Christian life.

1CO 16:5-6

“able to teach”
This also speaks to both an ability and a duty.

TIT 1:9

verse 3 includes three negative behaviors - with the needed virtue right in the middle.

1TI 3:3

“addicted to wine” drinking to excess to the point where one is addicted to alcohol.

Pugnacious” describes a man who is always looking for a fight - bullying behavior.

The missing virtue is possessed by the man who is gentle and peaceable.

“Free from the love of money”

1TI 3:4-5

Family life is the best training ground for the exercise of leadership duties in the church.

1TI 3:6-7

“newly planted”. It refers a man who recently became a believer.

An arrogant man makes for a truly awful leader in the church.

He must be spoken well of by the unbelieving community.

No man measures up perfectly to all of these requirements.

God chooses imperfect men who are nonetheless fitted for the work.