Godliness is profitable for all things

1Ti 4:6-10; 6:18-19; 2:3-4; 2Ti 2:15-16, 23: Php 4:8-9; Col 1:9-10; 2Co 4:16-18

1TIM-11-201025 - length: 60:00 - taught on Oct, 25 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 25, 2020

Please keep Steve and Marilyn in prayer.

Godliness is profitable for all things

1TI 4:6-10

Paul is coaching Timothy again.
Notice the commands.

The heart of this passage is found in the word “godliness”.

Godliness pervades the entire letter. It is a major theme.

A life of godliness (2:2).
A claim to godliness (2:10).
The mystery of godliness (3:16).

Sound doctrine leading to virtuous behavior.

The Greek verb means “to set forth”.


The stepping stones are the teachings and arguments of Paul.

God-breathed words now written down in the canon of Scripture.

Timothy - and all ministers of the gospel - must constantly feed on these words.

The sound doctrine refers to the accurate communication of these truths.

The Greek word for “worldly” means “profane, ungodly”.

2TI 2:15-16, 23

1TI 4:7-8

Discipline: gumnazein

It means to train with strenuous effort.

Instead, his strict regimen is fit for the arena of godliness.

He is contending for the faith , and training others to do the same.

Godliness is God’s design for our Christian lives.

Teaching and behavior that is approved by God and reflects His character.

It includes both learning and doing.

PHI 4:8-9
COL 1:9-10

1TI 4:8

Verse 8 contrasts physical and spiritual discipline.

The benefits of exercising our bodies are limited, and temporary.

Spiritual training is of value for all things. Not only this life but also the life to come.

1TI 6:18-19

1TI 4:9-10

It reveals the sure hope that makes all the blood, sweat, and tears worthwhile.

2CO 4:16-18

Our God is the living God. He gives eternal life to whoever believes in His Son.