Continue in entreaties and prayers

1Ti 5:1-8; Eph 2:19; Lev 19:32; Eph 6:2-3; Luk 2:36-38; 15:22-24; 1Jo 3:17; Tit 1:16

1TIM-13-201129 - length: 75:40 - taught on Nov, 29 2020

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 29, 2020

Continue in entreaties and prayers


1TI 5:1-8

He begins with the theme of family.

Treat one another as fellow members of a spiritual family.

EPH 2:19

He instructs Timothy to appeal to members as fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.

He gives a set of principles regarding the care of the widows in the congregation.

1TI 5:1-2

Do it in a loving way, as you would your own father.

Do it with tenderness and respect, Be gentle and kind.

LEV 19:32

Be mindful of their need for a role model.

Give no room in your heart for selfish or carnal motives.

1TI 5:3-8

“honor” here means both to give respect and to provide for basic material needs.

“Widows indeed” have no means of support, and have been left alone.

It is the responsibility of the congregation to provide for the needs of those who are “widows indeed”.

The widows themselves are expected to lead lives of great godliness.

These family members have a duty to provide for their mother or grandmother.

EPH 6:2-3

In verse 5, the attention turns back to widows themselves.

The prophetess Anna

LUK 2:36-38

Paul does a 180 degree turn and talks about the opposite sort of widow.

1TI 5:6

Some resorted to illicit behavior to earn money.

to indulge oneself excessively in satisfying one's own appetites and desires

Paul sets up a contrast between the godly lifestyle of those who are widows indeed,

and the ungodly lifestyle of this other sort of widow.

1TI 5:5-6

The way she lived was no different from the way that unbelievers lived.

LUK 15:22-24

1TI 5:7-8

The church is to provide for the needs of widows who are “widows indeed”.

Children are to provide for the needs of their widowed mother.

Widows are to maintain the standard of a godly lifestyle.

Widows are not to give themselves to a self-indulgent lifestyle.

God expects us to take care of destitute family members when we have the means to do so.

1JO 3:17

Those who do not do this are denying by their actions what they claim to believe.

TIT 1:16

Neglecting the needs of parents or siblings or children is shameful -

- even according to the standards of the world.