Until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ

1Ti 6:9-16; 1:18; Tit 2:11-14; 2Co 9:7-10; Joh 17:3; 1:18; Jer 9:23-24

1TIM-18-210110 - length: 66:41 - taught on Jan, 10 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
January 10, 2021

Until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ

1TI 6:11-16

Once again,
the cry rings out:
“Fight the good fight of faith!”

1TI 1:18

In chapter 1,
Timothy is compared to a soldier.

In chapter 6,
Timothy is compared to an athlete.

Now, he is engaged
in an athletic competition.
He is in a race.

This is the greatest
of all contests
for the Christian.


Evil things. The things that Paul condemned in verses 3-10.

1TI 6:9-10

And he must also run toward things. Be in hot pursuit of them.

1TI 6:11


Are we living
in a righteous manner?

TIT 2:11-14

What is the righteous way to live when it comes to money?

2CO 9:7-10

The more you pursue righteousness, the more distance you put between yourself and temptation.

1TI 6:11-12

JOH 17:3

JER 9:23-24

Verses 13-16 provide the motivation to persevere in the race.

The commandment that Timothy is to keep? Fight the good fight of faith.

The stain and reproach refer to the evils from which Timothy must flee.

When we are caught up in the clouds
to meet the Lord in the air.