Grace be with you.

1Ti 6:20-21; 1:2-7, 18-21; 4:1,6; 6:3-4; 2Ti 1:13-14; Gal 1:8-9; Heb 12:16; Psa 7:14-15; Eph 3:8.

1TIM-20-210124 - length: 71:00 - taught on Jan, 24 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
January 24, 2021


Grace be with you

1TI 6:20-21

Be blessed.

“to guard” means
“to protect and preserve”.

2TI 1:13-14

His duty to preach the gospel as he received it from Paul.

No distortions, additions, or subtractions.

GAL 1:8-9

Just as Timothy was entrusted with the gospel by Paul,

so also Paul had been entrusted with the gospel by God.

1TI 1:11

More broadly, the precious deposit includes the full realm of Christian teachings -

- referred to in the pastoral epistles as “the faith”.

1TI 4:6

1TI 6:20

The Greek word for “avoiding” means “turning away from”.

1TI 1:5-7

“worldly” is better translated
“unholy”, “ungodly”.

HEB 12:16

Stay away from teaching that is meaningless.

1TI 6:20

The opposing arguments consist of contradictions.

What they teach contradicts sound doctrine.

1TI 6:3-5

But false teaching contains the seeds of its own destruction.

Not only does it contradict the teachings of Paul; it contradicts itself.



PSA 7:14-15


1TI 6:20

Double-speak that the adherents claim as special knowledge.

1TI 1:3-4

1TI 6:21

You put yourself in great danger when you promote false teaching.

1TI 1:18-20

It’s no accident that Paul calls their false teachings “doctrines of demons”.

1TI 4:1

1TI 6:21

From start to finish, Paul wraps his letter in grace.

1TI 1:2

EPH 3:8

This is the legacy that Paul passed on to Timothy.