The true Light enlightens every man.

Joh 1:1-13, 31; 3:19-21, 36; 5:31-47; 7:7; 8:12; 1Jo 2:8; Mar 1:1-3.

JOHN-3-210214 - length: 65:15 - taught on Feb, 14 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
February 14, 2021


The true Light enlightens every man

Day 1 John 1:1-18
Day 2 John 1:19-4:54
Day 3 John 5:1-7:52
Day 4 John 7:53-10:42
Day 5 John 11:1-12:50
Day 6 John 13-17
Day 7 John 18-21

Who is Jesus?

JOH 1:1-5

He has always existed.
He always is with God.
He is God.

He is the creator of all things.
He is the source of life.

The Word is also the Light.

Verses 5-13 present the coming of the Light.

The witness of John the Baptist is bound up with the coming of the Light.

JOH 1:6-13

The Life that is in Christ is the Light of men. The human race comes into view.

JOH 8:12

Verse 5 depicts the gospel.

Darkness stands for ignorance, rejection of Christ, and the absence of eternal life.

Light represents Christ, eternal life, the message of eternal life in Christ.

Seize physically -
“to overcome”; or
seize with the mind - “to understand”.

Darkness cannot prevail against the Light.

1JO 2:8

JOH 1:6-8

The ministry of John the Baptist marks the beginning of Christ’s public ministry-

-in all four gospels as well as in Acts.

MAR 1:1-3

John the Baptist was the witness for Christ to Israel.

JOH 1:31

JOH 1:7-8

John presents over a dozen witnesses in his Gospel.

JOH 5:31-47

JOH 1:9

In verse 9, “the true” means the genuine and the ultimate.

This is talking about the incarnation.
It will be “fleshed out” in verse 14.

“the world” refers to unbelievers.

The world is the realm of human beings and affairs in rebellion against its maker,

and under the rulership of satan.

JOH 7:7

The coming of the Light lays bare the hearts of men. It demands a choice.

JOH 3:19-21

Believe in the Light, and you will receive life.

Refuse the believe in the Light, and you will receive judgment.

JOH 3:36