What do you seek?

Joh 1:35-51; 21:22; Gen 28:10-14

JOHN-7-210314 - length: 68:41 - taught on Mar, 14 2021

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 14, 2021


What do you seek?

JOH 1:35-51

By the end of the second day, Jesus will be heading to Galilee with five disciples.

They simply believed what their teacher John said about Jesus.

The answer they gave might seem unusual, or even evasive, to us.

If they knew where He was staying, they would know where He would be teaching His disciples.

What do YOU seek?

Jesus answered their question with an invitation.

They stayed with Him that day. The gospel does not record what happened.

Andrew brought his brother to Jesus. Christians have been doing that ever since.

The Lord was not describing who Simon was that day.

He was making a promise to make him that in the future.

The Lord said to Philip, “follow Me”. He invited Philip to become His disciple.

So what does Philip do? He seeks out Nathanael and testifies to him about Jesus.

JOH 21:22

A Galilean contingent came down to Bethany beyond the Jordan to be baptized by John.

Then became John’s disciples and stayed there.

JOH 1:46-51

Nazareth, apparently, had a bad reputation - even in Galilee!

Then Jesus told Nathanael something that only God could have known.

Nathanael gave his own remarkable testimony.

This gospel was written to convince everyone to believe what Nathanael knew.

Jesus’s final remarks were meant for all five members of the Galilean contingent.

GEN 28:10-14