When He was raised from the dead

Joh 2:19-22; 20:1-18; 11:25-27; 1Co 15:3-8; 6:14; Act 1:9-11; Eph 1:19-21; 2:4-7; Rom 4:22-25; 8:33-34; 6:4-5; Php 3:20-21

JOHN-10-210404 - length: 68:47 - taught on Apr, 4 2021

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
April 4th, 2021

Happy Resurrection Sunday!






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When He was raised from the dead

JOH 2:19-22

JOH 20:1-3


JOH 20:4-18

Over the next seven weeks, Jesus would appear to many people.

1CO 15:3-8

After these things,
He went home to His Father.

ACT 1:9-11

He sat down at His Father’s right hand, where He remains to this day.

EPH 1:19-21

Jesus revealed to Mary, Peter, and John that He had been raised from the dead.

Christ revealed to Paul why He had been raised from the dead.

He was raised for our justification.

ROM 4:22-25

He was raised from the dead so that He might intercede for us.

ROM 8:33-34

As He was raised from the dead and was seated in the heavenly places, …

so God would raise us up with Him and seat us with Him in Christ Jesus.

EPH 2:4-7

Jesus was raised from the dead so that we would be united with Him in the likeness of His resurrection.

ROM 6:4-5

And Jesus was raised bodily from the dead …

…so that we would one day be resurrected from the dead in a body like His.

1CO 6:14

Phil 3:20-21

Psalm 69 is quoted more times in the New Testament than any other Psalm except Psalm 110.

But that zeal would set in motion a series of confrontations that would eventually lead to His death.

The Jewish leaders were not concerned with what He did. They challenged His authority to do it.

They asked Him for a sign.
He gave them a riddle instead.

JOH 2:19

He was pointing to His death on the cross, and His resurrection on the third day.

JOH 2:21-22

The animal sacrifices in the Holy of Holies of the temple could not take away sins.

The body of Jesus did.

HEB 10:8-10

The glory of the Lord left the Temple building in the days of Ezekiel.

EZE 10:18

The glory of the Lord will always dwell in the body of Christ.

JOH 1:14

JOH 2:22

The Spirit would teach them all things, and remind them of what Jesus has said.

JOH 14:26

LUK 24:25-27

Then they wrote it all down, so that those who did not see could believe also.