I who speak to you am He

Joh 4:7-26; 1:17-18; 7:37-39; Psa 42:1-2; Isa 12:2-3; Deu 12:5-7; 34:9-12

JOHN-16-210523 - length: 71:25 - taught on May, 23 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
May 23, 2021


JOH 4:7-26

“I who speak to you am He”

The dramatic climax of their encounter occurs in verse 26:

Jesus said to her,
"I who speak to you am He."

Every statement Jesus made to this woman was a complete surprise to her.

travelling Jewish man
asking her for a drink

Anyone who drinks His water will never thirst again

He knows everything about her

The Messiah!

JOH 4:13-14

Water that quenches the thirst in your soul.

PSA 42:1-2

Isaiah prophesied about springs of water that bring salvation.

ISA 12:2-3

Drinking in John 4:14 is spiritual drinking. You drink by believing in Christ.

JOH 7:37-39

JOH 4:15

She STILL thinks that He is talking about H2O!

So He abruptly changes the subject.

JOH 4:16-18

He hit a nerve. Husbands were a sore subject for her.

But that one statement would change her forever.

It was a thirst in her innermost being.

He knew things about her that He couldn’t have possibly known…unless…

unless God had revealed them to Him.

JOH 4:19

Samaritans didn’t acknowledge any of the Jewish prophets besides Moses.

DEU 34:9-12

So she might as well have said that Jesus was THE prophet.

But first she had a question for this prophet.

JOH 4:20

“This mountain” was the one they could see from Jacob’s well: Mount Gerizim.



The Lord had instructed the Twelve tribes to worship Him in the place that He would choose.

Deuteronomy 12:5-7

Jesus did not give an answer to that question.

John 4:21-24

The time of salvation had arrived in the person of the Christ.

Jesus has come to reveal the fullness of who God really is.

John 1:17-18

Worship will no longer be confined to a mountain or a temple.

John 4:25-26

Everything will be clear when the Messiah arrives.