Go; your son lives

Joh 4:43-54; 1:11-13; 2:23-25; 5:23; Matt 14:21-28; Isa 25:6-8

JOHN-18-210606 - length: 75:58 - taught on Jun, 6 2021

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 6, 2021

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Announcements concerning the sale of our building


Our buyers have received their approvals

The closing is scheduled for Monday June 14th


Our last service in this building will be on next Sunday June 13th.


After that, all of our services (Sunday and Thursday) will be online (Skype) until we get into our new place.


We have not found that place yet.

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We have one month after the close to completely move out.

We will need help packing for our move.


We will give you the opportunity next Sunday to claim items that we will not be moving.

“Go; your son lives.”

JOH 4:43-54

The Samaritans gave Jesus great honor, even though they were not His countrymen.

JOH 1:11-13

The Jewish leaders reviled Him, persecuted Him, and ultimately had Him put to death.

JOH 5:23

The Galileans did not receive Him as the Messiah -
or even as a prophet.

They were impressed by His miracles and wanted Him to do some in Galilee.

JOH 2:23-25

JOH 4:46-47

Capernaum was almost 20 miles away from Cana.

It would have taken him 4-5 hours to make this trip. But Jesus was his last hope.

JOH 4:48-49

You might think that Jesus was being harsh to this desperate dad.

He was rebuking the people of Galilee.

They wanted miracles but could care less whether Jesus was their Messiah.

MAT 15:21-28

He didn’t want to feed the narrative that He performed miracles to draw a crowd.

JOH 4:50

The Lord did not do what the man asked Him to do. He did not go to Capernaum.

Would this dad take Jesus at His word?

He simply believed the word that Jesus spoke to him.

JOH 4:51-52

The slaves must have been surprised by his inquiry.

Jesus had healed the boy from a distance: 20 miles.

And He healed him at the exact moment that He spoke the words “Go; your son lives.”

JOH 4:53

He knew His reputation. He took Him at His word.
And he saw His glory.

The Greek word for “believe” is pisteuo.
It appears 84 times in the gospel of John.

Sixteen verses talk about believing in Christ or His Father for salvation.

How many verses in John talk about repenting, feeling sorry for their sins,

admitting that they are sinners, or giving their lives to Jesus?


JOH 4:54

Chapter 2 began in Cana of Galilee.
Chapter 4 ends in Cana of Galilee.

These two miracles were private.
Only a few people witnessed them.

One was a festive occasion; the other was heartbreaking.

They both had a great need that seemed impossible to meet.

Who can meet their needs?

Only the Christ,
the Son of God, can.