Do you want to get well?

Joh 5:1-18; Mat 23:4; Luk 6:5; Exo 20:8-10

JOHN-19-210613 - length: 67:20 - taught on Jun, 13 2021

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 13, 2021

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Announcements concerning the sale of our building


The earliest day we can close will be Thursday July 1.

We will have at least two more Sunday services in this building.

We have one month after the close to completely move out.

We will need help packing for our move.


“Do you want to get well?”

JOH 5:1-18

Chapter 5 begins a new phase in the ministry of Jesus.

“The Jews” are the religious leaders in Jerusalem. The priests and the Pharisees.

“after these things” meta tauta
an unspecified amount of time passes.

The events of LUK 4:16 - 5:39 occur between JOH 4:54 and JOH 5:1.

The disciples are not mentioned in John 5. Jesus went alone from Galilee to Jerusalem.


They bought into a superstition - a myth.

The most pathetic of them all.

This man was the perfect candidate for a display of the Lord’s grace and power.

And the man did not say yes.

He just complained about how impossible it was for him to get into that pool first.

Short command. Immediate miracle.

It’s hard not to notice a paralyzed man walking by with his mat on his shoulder.

Jesus had several run-ins with the Jewish leaders over an issue with the Sabbath.

The Jewish religious elite knew that the paralytic had been healed.

They condemned a man for carrying a light burden on his shoulders,

but they had placed the heaviest burdens there.

MAT 23:4

The response of the “holy men”? All judgment. No mercy.

When confronted, he blamed the One who healed him!

They neglected the weightier provisions of the Law:

justice, and mercy, and faithfulness.
(MAT 23:23-24)

JOH 5:14-15

Jesus, as it were, had the Law on His side.

EXO 20:8-10

The Sabbath was the day to let the Lord take care of you.

LUK 6:5

So rather than argue, he dramatically escalated the conflict.

And by what power and authority did He heal this man?

JOH 5:16-17

This was no longer about an arcane interpretation of a rabbinical tradition.

He did what ONLY the Messiah, the Son of God, could do.

JOH 5:18