Like Father, like Son

Joh 5:19-30; 1:14, 18; 3:16; 5:17; 6:40; 12:48; Psa 9:7-8

JOHN-20-210620 - length: 72:02 - taught on Jun, 20 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
June 20, 2021

3907 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 223, Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Announcements concerning the sale of our building


Our closing will be between

Thursday July 1st and Monday July 12th .


We will have at least one more Sunday service in this building.


We have one month after the close to completely move out.

We will need help packing for our move.

“Like Father, like Son”

JOH 5:19-30

JOH 5:17

Jesus added jet fuel to the fire when He said, “My Father…”

Lest He leave any doubt about what He meant in verse 17, Jesus now delivers His first public discourse.

The Father and the Son.
Life and judgment.
Life and death.

An hour that is coming, and an hour that now is.

Good deeds and evil deeds.

Resurrection of Life, Resurrection of Judgment.

The will of the Son, and the will of Him who sent the Son.

The great theme of this discourse is the intimacy between the Father and the Son.

JOH 5:19

Jesus reveals Himself to be God here in an unparalleled manner.

Yet He begins by declaring His complete dependence on God His Father.

A person who does whatever God does - must also be God!

JOH 1:18

JOH 5:20-21

The greater works: raising Lazarus from the dead, as well as His own resurrection .

Only God can raise the dead and give them life!

Don’t for a minute think that Jesus does this arbitrarily.

What is the will or desire of the Father?

JOH 3:16

Only God has the authority to judge all men.

PSA 9:7-8

JOH 5:22-23

The Father has given all judgment to the Son so that they might recognize His glory.

JOH 1:14

JOH 5:24

God sent Jesus into the world to save the world, not to judge the world.

The word that Jesus speaks will judge them on the last day.

The question dissolves once you realize that Jesus and His Father are one.

This is never more fully manifested than it is in their work of salvation.

JOH 5:25

Notice the two “hours”.
One is future and the other is present.

Whoever believes has eternal life now.

Judgment is past for those who believe.

And yet these are also future things….
“Last day” things.

JOH 6:40

JOH 12:48