Life or judgment

Joh 5:24-29; 1:1-4; 3:16-18; 4:23; 6:28-29,40; 12:48; Dan 7:13-14; Gen 15:6; Rom 4:3-5; Gal 2:16

JOHN-22-210627 - length: 71:30 - taught on Jun, 27 2021

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June 27, 2021

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Life or judgment

JOH 5:24-29

Verses 24-29 describe the ultimate matters of life and judgment.
They are polar opposites.

God gave His Son to have life in Himself, and He gave Him the authority to judge all mankind.

Who will hear His voice and believe His word? It’s a matter of life or judgment.

In the future, there will be a resurrection of life and a resurrection of judgment.

It’s urgent now.

An hour now is.

JOH 5:24
JOH 3:16-18

He who believes in God’s Son has eternal life - now, and does not come into judgment - ever.

He who does not believe - now, in this life - HAS been judged already - in this life.

He is not judged for his sins. He is judged for not believing in the name of God’s Son.

There are two different “hours to come”: one in verse 25, another in verse 28.

The first one begins with the death and resurrection of Christ.

JOH 5:25

In verse 25, “the dead” refers to those who are dead in their trespasses and sins.

Those who hear in verse 25 are those who believe ( in verse 24).

“They will live” refers to having eternal life: the life of God which believers enjoy now.

JOH 4:23

“an hour is coming and now is” covers the period from the public ministry of Christ to the Rapture of the church.

The second “hour to come” is referred to as “the last day” in the gospel of John.

JOH 6:40

What happens now (in this life) determines what happens on the last day.

Having eternal life now leads to a resurrection of life on the last day .

Being judged already leads to a resurrection of judgment on the last day.

JOH 12:48

JOH 5:26

This was the Son’s inheritance from all eternity.

JOH 1:1-4

The Father also gave the Son authority to execute judgment.

JOH 5:27

This title “Son of Man” refers to Christ’s mission on earth on behalf of men and women.

“Son of Man” is a title given to the Messiah: the promised King -a descendent of David, divine as well as human.

DAN 7:13-14

He has life in Himself as the Son of God, and authority to judge as Son of Man.

JOH 5:28-29

The hour that is coming in verse 28 is the last day.

The resurrection of life will occur in stages, and the resurrection of judgment will follow a thousand years later.

The resurrection of life:

#1: the church in the Rapture (1TH 4:13-18, 1Cor 15:51-57)

#2: the resurrection of the Old Testament saints (EZE 37:1-14)

#3: the resurrection of the Tribulation saints (REV 20:4-6)

The resurrection of judgment occurs a thousand years later.

It is also called the second resurrection, and the Great White Throne judgment (REV 20:11-15; 21:7-8)

JOH 5:29

Those will did the good things are the righteous.

Those who did the evil things are the unrighteous.

The righteous do the work of God.

JOH 6:28-29

Who does God see as righteous?
Who does God justify - declare righteous?

GEN 5:16

God justifies whoever believes in the Lord.