It is I; do not be afraid

Joh 6:14-21; 18:36; Mar 6:51-52; Mat 14:25-33; Deu 18:15-18; Isa 57:20-21; Job 9:8; Psa 107:23-32; Heb 13:5-6.

JOHN-26-210725 - length: 65:46 - taught on Jul, 25 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 25, 2021

“It is I; do not be afraid.”

JOH 6:14-21

Chapter 6 follows the same sequence that chapter 5 did:

miracles (JOH 6:1-25), followed by controversial teaching (JOH 6:26-58).

#1: Jesus feeds the 5,000 men with five barley loaves and two fish.

This miracle confirmed that Jesus was the Messiah - the Christ.

The second miraculous episode in chapter 6: Jesus walks on the sea.

This miracle demonstrated that Jesus was the Son of the Living God.

Three gospels record this miracle of Jesus walking on the sea.

This miracle is also recorded in
MAT 14:22-31 and Mark 6:45-56.

Mark records two miracles on the sea that night.

MAR 6:51-52

and Matthew adds a third one :

MAT 14:28-33

JOH 6:14-15

They meant the prophet that Moses promised in Deuteronomy.

DEU 18:15-18

Jesus WAS the prophet promised by Moses.

ACT 3:20-22

JOH 6:15

They wanted a conquering hero - not a dying Messiah.

JOH 18:36

Matthew and Mark tell us that Jesus went there to pray.

JOH 6:16-17

In the Scriptures, the sea often represents the chaotic, ungodly world.

ISA 57:20-21

JOH 6:18

Mark tells that the wind was contrary. It was coming straight at them.

It was humanly impossible for Jesus to come to them now.

JOH 6:19

Matthew and Mark specify the time as the fourth watch:
3 AM to 6 AM.

MAT 14:25-27

Mark adds a curious detail: Jesus intended to pass by them!

JOH 6:20-21

Walking on the sea is the sole prerogative of God.

JOB 9:8

Jesus truly is God’s Son!

This time, the test of faith was personal. Will He abandon us?

It’s a test that we all face at times.

PSA 107:23-32

HEB 13:5-6