Jesus went up to the temple to teach

Joh 7:10-18; 3:31-35; 5:39-47; 14:23-24; Psa 40:6-8; Rom 8:16-17; Jer 29:12-14; Deut 6:4-9; 10:12-13

JOHN-35-211003 - length: 73:22 - taught on Oct, 3 2021

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 3, 2021

Jesus went up to the temple to teach.

JOH 7:10-18

The crowds of Jews, from Judea, Galilee, and elsewhere, are of two minds about Him.

His Father has sent Him - to teach.

They could not dispute His command of the scriptures,

and they knew He had not studied under any of their prominent rabbis.

Their manner of teaching was to cite this authority, that rabbi, and so forth.

His teaching was not His own. He didn’t invent it.

JOH 3:31-35

His authority, quite simply, was God Himself!

How can we know that You are telling the truth?

JOH 7:17-18

There is only one sure way to know whether His teaching is from God. Only one.

You have to be willing to do God’s will.

To enable us to do His will.

PSA 40:6-8

When all that is in your heart is the desire to do God’s will,

you will discover that the words of Christ embody that desire and reveal that will.

ROM 8:16-17

The word of the Lord rings true in the hearts of men who seek Him earnestly.

JER 29:12-14

It's simply a matter of love.

DEU 10:12-13

John 14:23-24