Your throne shall be established forever

Joh 11:25-27; Gen 15:18-21; 17:1-8; 22:15-18; 49:8-10; Mat 1:1-6; 2Sa 7:8-17.

JOHN-40-211107 - length: 73:24 - taught on Nov, 7 2021

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November 7, 2021

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“Your throne shall be established forever.”

JOH 11:25-27

The word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word for “anointed”:

j^yv!m* mashiyach (maw-shee'-akh)\


a person who has been chosen by the Lord and anointed for one of two offices:

High Priest and King.

David was the greatest King of Israel in the Old Testament.

“mashiyach” a descendant of David who would be an even greater King.

The Lord promised David that this great king would rule on his throne forever.

Davidic Covenant:
the core of the Messianic hope.

Before the LORD made His covenant with David, He made one with Abraham.

GEN 17:1-8

The word “seed” refers to a descendant or descendants.

GEN 22:15-18

In his seed (single descendant), all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.

Which of Jacob’s 12 sons would carry the royal line?

Jacob’s 4th son from his first wife Leah.

GEN 49:8-10

The Abrahamic Covenant was the basis for the entire covenant program between God and His people Israel.

The Davidic Covenant springs out of the seed promises to Abraham.

MAT 1:1-6

David the king was of the line of Judah.
Just as the LORD had revealed to Jacob.

The seed promises to Abraham attach permanently to the house of David.

2SA 7:8-17

The Davidic Covenant consists of three promises the LORD made to David.

They concern his house, his kingdom, and his throne.

HOUSE = RULER (David’s descendent - the King)

KINGDOM = REALM (the nation of Israel, all the nations of the earth)

THRONE = RULERSHIP (the right to rule, the authority as King)

The LORD did not place any conditions on His promises to David.

Not only that, but this covenant is eternal. It’s forever.

First, His covenant was with DAVID.

The promises were NOT to every generation of David’s descendants.

The last legitimate king of Judah from the line of David was Zedekiah.

His reign ended disastrously in 586 BC (2KI 25:1-7).

The offspring of Israel will not cease from being a nation forever. Only temporarily.

The LORD will preserve the line of David until that day arrives.

It didn’t guarantee uninterrupted rule by David’s family,

but the right to rule would always remain with David’s dynasty.

David’s house will be a literal dynasty.

David’s kingdom will be an actual kingdom on earth.

And David’s throne will be a real throne.

And the LORD’s promises to Abraham were literal, detailed, and specific.

GEN 15:18-21

A house
A kingdom
A throne