My covenant I will not violate

2Sa 7:12-16; Mat 1:17; 1Ki 14:21-26; Psalm 89

JOHN-41-211114 - length: 65:18 - taught on Nov, 14 2021

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 14, 2021

“My covenant I will not violate.”

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This series operates on the principle that the entire Bible is Messianic.

The Davidic covenant is a set of promises that the Lord made to King David.

The story of the promised king begins in the book of Genesis and ends in Revelation.

  1. The covenant is anticipated.
  2. The covenant is established.
  3. The covenant is confirmed.
  4. The covenant is fulfilled: part one - the Messiah arrives but is rejected.
  5. The covenant is fulfilled: part two - the Messiah returns to reign forever.

The first three stages appear in the Old Testament.

The final two stages appear in the New Testament.

Today, we will examine the third stage: the covenant confirmed.

The first stage began in the book of Genesis.

Stage two: the covenant with David is established,
2SA 7:12-16

2SA 7:12-16

David’s house and kingdom will endure, and David’s throne will be established forever.

That brings us to the third stage: the covenant is confirmed.

MAT 1:17

The first stage (covenant anticipated) lasted for 14 generations.

The third stage (covenant confirmed) would last for 28 generations.

A generation in the Bible is 40 years.
28 generations is over 1,000 years.

For the nation of Israel, those 1,000 plus years were marked by steep decline,

spiritual decay, and -ultimately - exile.

The northern kingdom rapidly declined into idolatry and dissolution.

In 722 BC, the northern kingdom ceased to exist. The Assyrians destroyed it.

The southern kingdom of Judah was taken into exile in 586 BC by the Babylonians.

When things looked darkest, the LORD sent prophets and psalmists to give hope to the people.

They would confirm the Davidic Covenant when the Jews needed to recall the promises.

Psalm 89 was written when the king of Judah, a grandson of David, had failed.

Solomon’s son Rehoboam turned out to be a very wicked king.

1KI 14:21-26

The Psalmist spoke to the Lord about this wicked king in Psa 89: 38-45.

PSA 89:40-41

PSA 89:1-4

Verses 5-18 are a hymn of praise to the Lord.

He will be gracious to His people, and faithful to His covenant with David.

PSA 89:8
PSA 89:15

Then the Lord speaks. He confirms the covenant He made with David.

PSA 89:20-37