Who are You?

Joh 8:21-30; 3:13-15; 7:33-36;12:31-33; Act 2:22-25; Rom 6:1-7; 1Pe 2:24; Col 1:13-14; Exo 3:13-14; Isa 43:10-13; Php 2:8-11.

JOHN-51-220206 - length: 77:54 - taught on Feb, 6 2022

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
February 6, 2022

“Who are You?”

JOH 8:21-30

1. Who Jesus is, especially in His relationship with His Father

2. His urgent warning to His Jewish audience

Time is running out for the Jews.

JOH 7:33-36

JOH 8:21-22

“you will die in your sin”. This is now a matter of life and death for the Jews.

But now in chapter 8 they speak with utter bitterness and contempt.

He will die before He goes back to the Father. But He won’t commit suicide.

ACT 2:22-25

He speaks of sin in the singular.

In verse 24, He speaks of sins in the plural. “You will die in your SINS”.

JOH 8:23-24

Sin singular is the rebellion against God.

The only way to avert this tragedy is to believe that “I am”.

Believers in Christ are freed from sin, freed from the bondage of sin, dead to sin.

ROM 6:1-7

Sin is no longer our master.

1PE 2:24

Sins plural are the things we think, say, or do that violate God’s word.


The believer in Christ has redemption in Christ - the forgiveness of sins.

COL 1:13-14

The believer in Christ is no longer in sin, because he died with Christ to sin.

The believer in Christ is no longer in his sins, because Christ has released him from his sins by His blood.

JOH 8:24

EXO 3:13-14

I AM is the personal name of God.

ISA 43:10-13

Here in Isaiah, the Lord says “I am He” when He acts to save His people.

JOH 8:24-30

Verse 25 could well be the title for this entire Gospel:
Who is Jesus?

1. He points to the things He has been saying about Himself and His Father.

2. He identifies as the one sent by God the Father with the message of truth.

3. He tells them they won’t really know who He is until they “lift up the Son of Man”.

JOH 3:13-15
JOH 12:31-33

He would die on the cross as the savior of all men, to glorify His Father.