Before Abraham was born – I AM

Joh 8:48-59; 1:1-3; 3:36; 5:21-24; 20:31; Gen 15:12-14; Heb 11:13; Exo 3:14.

JOHN-54-220306 - length: 69:59 - taught on Mar, 6 2022

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 6, 2022

“Before Abraham was born -

JOH 8:48-59

They were not Abraham’s real children.

Therefore, they were not God’s children either.

They accused Jesus of the very things that were in fact true about them.

JOH 8:48-51

In their minds, no Jew would tell another Jew that he was not a child of Abraham.

Jesus said that their father was the devil.

He spoke the words which God His Father gave Him to say.

By calling Jesus a Samaritan and demon-possessed, they robbed Him of His rightful glory and honor.

JOH 5:21-24

Each and every believer has passed out of death into life.

John 8:51

Now, as usual, the Jews are earth-bound in their thinking.

If anyone keeps His word, he will never experience the second death.

It is to be under the judgment of God, and the wrath of God - forever.

JOH 3:36

JOH 8:52-53

Jesus actually is much greater than their father Abraham!

JOH 8:54-55

His Father is the One they call God, but they don’t know a thing about Him.

JOH 8:56-57

Abraham rejoiced in anticipation of the day of Jesus. Then he actually saw it.

God gave Abraham glimpses of events that would happen after his lifetime.

GEN 15:12-14

HEB 11:13

The promises all have one thing in common: the Messiah would fulfill them all.

They thought Jesus was saying He was alive when Abraham walked the earth.

JOH 8:58-59

Many verses state that Jesus Christ is God. Few are as potent and succinct as verse 58.

EXO 3:14

Jesus is the great I AM. Jesus said that He is Yahweh - the God of Abraham!

From start to finish, the gospel of John proclaims the deity of Christ.

JOH 1:1-3
JOH 20:31