Let us go to Judea again.

Joh 11:1-10, 35-40; Luk 10:30-35.

JOHN-70-220703 - length: 68:38 - taught on Jul, 3 2022

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
July 3, 2022

“Let us go to Judea again.”

JOH 11:1-10

In verse 4, Jesus provides the key that explains everything about this chapter.

His words also apply to the things that await Him just over the horizon.

It is entirely appropriate to see verse 5 as a parenthesis.

Jesus stayed for two more days to magnify the glory of God, His Father.

His love for His Father took precedence even over His love for His dearest friends.

The delay turned this sickness into an opportunity to show the power of God.

He showed His love for Martha and Mary not only in giving Lazarus back to them,

but also, more profoundly, by letting them see the glory of God at work in Him.

JOH 11:35-40

“This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it.”

The disciples were certain that Jesus would be killed as soon as He set foot in Judea again.

Let’s travel the road that led from Bethany beyond the Jordan to Bethany in Judea.


It was the Roman road that went down from Jerusalem to Jericho.

LUK 10:30-35

Jesus took this road when He made His final journey to Jerusalem.

Jesus healed the blind man Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52).

Jesus saved a short rich man in a sycamore tree, a tax man named Zaccheus
(LUK 19:1-10).

But it was dangerous in a second way also.

JOH 11:9-10


JOH 11:7-10


It was February or March when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

If you left early in the morning, you would arrive in Jerusalem just before sunset.

Light and darkness. The daylight hours. The last hour. Nightfall.