He was raised on the third day

1Pe 2:21-24; Act 1:1-11; 2:22-24, 32-36; 1Co 15:3-8, 42-47; John 17:5; 20:19-29; Eph 1:18-23; Heb 1:1-4; Php 2:8-11; 1Ti 6:14-16.

JOHN-87-221113 - length: 63:33 - taught on Nov, 13 2022

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 13, 2022

He was raised on the third day

The unique humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ

A virgin was with child. LUK 1:26-35.

For the first and only time, a human being was born without sin.
2CO 5:21.

And for the first and only time, a child born of a woman was also - God. COL 2:9.

He bore our sins in His human body on the cross.

1PE 2:21-24

He was buried in a rich man’s tomb.

ACT 2:22-24

God the Father raised Jesus from the dead in a glorious, immortal, human body.

1CO 15:3-8

Lazarus remained in a body that was earthly and mortal.

Jesus was raised in a resurrection body that is heavenly and immortal.

JOH 20:19-29

His resurrection body shared some features with the body that went into the grave.

However, in other respects, His resurrection body was radically different.

1CO 15:42-47

Forty days after Jesus was raised from the dead, He ascended into heaven.

ACT 1:1-11

When He reached heaven, He was highly exalted.

ACT 2:32-36

Then God the Father seated Jesus Christ our Lord at His right hand.

EPH 1:18-23

Christ is the first resurrected Man to enter heaven.

HEB 1:1-4

The Lord Jesus Christ is now the Son of God in a glorified human body.

He is glorified and exalted in both
His deity and
His humanity now.

JOH 17:5

He radiates the glory He had as the Son of God before the world began.

And now He has the added glory of victory, in His humanity, over sin and death.

PHI 2:8-11

1TI 6:14-16

The resurrected, ascended, and seated Christ is a completely new kind of Man.