If anyone is in Christ – new creation!

2Co 5:14 - 17; Gen 1:26 - 27; 1Co 15:45 - 49; Rom 6:5 - 6; 8:5 - 10; Eph 2:1 - 3

JOHN-90-221204 - length: 56:10 - taught on Dec, 4 2022

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
December 4, 2022

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If anyone is in Christ - new creation!

What is man?

The resurrected, ascended, and seated Christ is a completely new kind of Man.

There is fallen man: Adam.

There is glorified Man: Christ.

“Federal” refers to the action of one for all in a representative manner;

Or the consequences of such action.

ROM 5:12-21 presents the two representative Men, Adam and Christ.

Condemnation by Adam’s trespass, justification by Christ’s righteous act .

What kind of humanity is the Church age believer?

2CO 5:14-17

The expression “new creation” refers to a new act of creation by God.

This is exactly parallel to the first time God created humanity, in Genesis 1.

GEN 1:26-27

And now, for the second time, God has created a new human race.

2CO 5:17

This time, He created the spiritual man, designed for a heavenly existence.

1CO 15:45-49

The new creation is not the old creation improved.

In fact, the old man of ours was crucified with Christ according to Romans 6:6.

ROM 6:5-6

2CO 5:17

What are these old things?

EPH 4:22 refers to them as our former manner of life.

EPH 2:1-3

Old things - walking according to the course of this world.

The old things included living in the lusts of our flesh.

The old things added up to who we were by nature: children of wrath.

Humanity in Adam has a depraved mind.

He behaves wickedly and adopts many evil practices.

The old man has a hardened heart and lustful desires.

He is full of deceit.

2CO 5:17

The new things are associated with our new humanity in Christ.

The new man has a new status before God.

The new man has new desires and capacities.

The new man has a new mind, the mind of Christ.

The new man has a new life, and a new destiny.

ROM 8:5-10

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