Six days before the Passover.

John 12:1-11; 3:16; 6:67-71; 8:42-45; 12:35-36; 15:13; Mat 6:24; 16:21; Eph 5:1-2, 6-10; Mar 14:6-11; Luk 2:34-35.

JOHN-95-230122 - length: 65:27 - taught on Jan, 22 2023

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John Farley

Pastor Teacher
January 22, 2023

No service on Sunday February 12th


Six days before the Passover

JOH 12:1-11

One of those people was Mary, the sister of Lazarus.

The other was Judas, one of the twelve disciples.

JOH 6:67-71

John hardly ever mentions Judas without adding that he would betray Jesus.

His betrayal was so heinous that they could never think of him in any other way.

Even today we call someone who has betrayed a close friend a “Judas”.

Mary loved Jesus so much.

She believed Him when He said that He would be killed in Jerusalem.

MAT 16:21

This dinner might be her last opportunity to show how much she loved Him.

JOH 12:1-3

In the Bible, the fragrant aroma is associated with a costly sacrifice.

EPH 5:1-2

Mary lived up to the standard Jesus set for loving someone.

JOH 15:13

1JO 3:16
We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us;

and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

To love is to give sacrificially, laying down your life for the one you love.

JOH 3:16

Mary held back nothing.

She sacrificed her respectability.

She sacrificed her wealth.

She poured out all her love and devotion, her gratitude, humility, and worship that day.

JOH 12:4-6

Judas didn’t love Jesus. He didn’t love God.

He followed Jesus for what he thought he could get out of the deal.

Judas served his own interests. He loved this present world, and he loved money.

MAT 6:24

He was willing to lie, cheat, steal and even murder to get what he wanted.

JOH 8:42-45

JOH 12:7-8

Jesus exposed Judas for the hypocrite that he was.

Mary knew that the time of His departure drew near (JOH 13:1).

So she honored Him the best way she could.

MAR 14:6-11

Jesus didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword (Matt 10:34).

LUK 2:34-35

The hearts of Mary and Judas were laid bare that day in Bethany.

JOH 12:35-36

The Lord implores us to act as those sons of Light.

EPH 5:6-10