Walk while you have the light.

Joh 12:30-36; 3:18-21; 8:12; 17:14-15; Luk 23:44-45; 24:25-26; Eph 2:1-3; 6:10-13; Gal 6:14; 1Jo 2:12-14; 5:4-6; Heb 2:14-15; 9:27; Col 2:13-15; Act 26:22-23; Mat 8:10-12.

JOHN-100-230305 - length: 63:35 - taught on Mar, 5 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley

Pastor Teacher
Sunday, March 5, 2023


“Walk while you have the Light”

JOH 12:30-36

LUK 24:25-26

JOH 12:31-32

  1. The judgment of this world.
  2. The casting out of the ruler of this world.
  3. Jesus being lifted up from the earth.
  4. Jesus drawing all men to Himself.

“This world” is the sphere of operations for fallen mankind -

as it lives in hostility to God, doing the works of satan and the flesh.

EPH 2:1-3

This world had
its day of reckoning when Christ died
on the cross.

GAL 6:14

Jesus was victorious over the forces of this world the day He died on the cross.

1JO 5:4-6

The world still exists, but it was judged once and for all at the cross.

JOH 12:31

Here, “cast out” means being stripped of power and authority.

HEB 2:14-15

There was a momentous transfer of power and authority from satan to Christ.

COL 2:13-15

Christ conquered the angelic forces of evil.

We can resist them by putting on the armor of God, armor that was forged at Calvary.

EPH 6:10-13

As Christ is, so also is every believer in Christ.

JOH 17:14-15

As a result, now every believer in Christ has overcome the evil one.

1JO 2:12-14

JOH 12:32-33