The Father who sent Me

Joh 12:42-50; 3:17, 34-35; 6:38; 7:16; 8:42; 10:29-30; 14:28, 30-31; 17:22-24; 1Th 2:1-4; Php 2:5-11.

JOHN-103-230326 - length: 61:40 - taught on Mar, 26 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley

Pastor Teacher
March 26, 2023


“The Father who sent Me”

JOH 12:42-50

The rest of chapter 12, from verses 37-50, provides a summation of Jesus’ ministry.

In verses 37-43, John reflects on the tragic mystery of Jewish unbelief.

In verses 44-50, Jesus summarizes His teaching as the one sent by His Father.

But they didn’t have the courage of their convictions.

They cared more about their reputation with people than their reputation with God.

They were secret believers.

1TH 2:1-4

JOH 12:44-45

For one thing, He is testifying to the fact that He is God.

JOH 10:29-30

The deity of Christ is an essential part of the gospel message.

The Father takes the lead in the plan of salvation.

The Son submits to the will of the Father.

JOH 6:38

The Son of God is obedient to the Father in all things.

PHI 2:5-11

Again and again
in John’s gospel,
Jesus says
“The Father sent Me”.

JOH 7:16
JOH 8:42

In the gospel of John, Jesus reveals His relationship with His Father as no other.

It’s all bound up in what it means to be the perfect father and the perfect son.

Fathers and sons share life together.

The father has authority over his son. He directs the activities of his son.

In other words, the son is the subordinate to his father.

God the Father and God the Son are distinct people, but they share the same divine nature.

First, the Father and the Son are one in nature - their essential being.

They share in everything that has to do with being God.

Second, their relationship is ordered.

The Father is the head of the Son. The Son is subordinate to the Father.

JOH 14:28

The are one in nature, yet distinct with respect to how they operate.

Unity and order.

There is an order to their relationship.

JOH 3:17

The Father sends the Son. The Son does not send the Father.

JOH 3:34-35

The Son obeys the Father and depends on Him.

It all works perfectly because they love each other. Always have and always will.

The Father loves the Son.

JOH 17:22-24

The Son loves the Father.

JOH 14:30-31