No resurrection without a death.

Php 3:10-11; Col 1:15-17; Eph 1:17-20; Rom 1:4; 6:3-4; 8:5-6,11; 1Pe 1:3; 1Co 15:20-22; 2Co 1:5-10; 4:10-12; Gal 2:20; 6:8-10.

SPEC-87-230409 - length: 63:21 - taught on Apr, 9 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley

Pastor Teacher
April 9, 2023

Happy Resurrection Sunday!


No resurrection without first a death

JOH 12:23

PHI 3:10-11

We need to pay close attention to the verbs.

  1. Know
  2. Being conformed
  3. Attain

First, that I may come to know -
three things:


His deity

COL 1:15-17

the hope of His calling the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints

EPH 1:17-18


God demonstrated unimaginable power when He resurrected Jesus from death.

The Resurrection declares that Jesus Christ is God.

ROM 1:4

Believers are born again to a living hope by the Resurrection of Christ.

1PE 1:3

The Resurrection enables all believers to share in Christ’s physical resurrection.

1CO 15:20-22

His resurrection power is at work now in the lives of believers here on earth.

EPH 1:19-20


When we suffer in a way that shares in His sufferings, we get closer to Him, …

because that’s when we really need Him the most.

2CO 1:5-10


PHI 3:10-11

being conformed to His death
attain to the resurrection

this is not physical death, nor is it physical resurrection.

if you are a believer, you have already been conformed to His death!

GAL 2:20

There is also an experiential side to being conformed to His death.

2CO 4:10-12

Being sharers of His death, we can come into His resurrection - during this life.

ROM 6:3-4

We can walk away from the dead things and come into the life of the resurrection.

The flesh and the world are “dead” things to us.

ROM 8:5-6,11

We can reap eternal life while we are still here on earth.

GAL 6:8-10