One of you will betray Me.

Joh 13:16-30; 8:58; Luk 6:46-49; 22:24-27; Psa 41:9; Mat 10:40; Mar 14:17-21.

JOHN-105-230416 - length: 54:19 - taught on Apr, 16 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley

Pastor Teacher
April 16, 2023


“One of you will betray Me.”

JOH 13:16-30

The gospel moves from Jesus washing the feet of the disciples to the betrayal of Judas.

LUK 22:24-27

JOH 13:17

God has given us His word, not only to inform but also that we might do what it tells us to do!

LUK 6:46-49

Now, rather abruptly, Jesus begins to speak of His betrayer.

JOH 13:18

Jesus knew that one of his disciples was a traitor. He had known it all along.

PSA 41:9

Jesus omits the first part of verse 9 because He never trusted Judas.

JOH 13:19

Now Jesus is telling them ahead of time the things which will soon happen.

The great “I AM”. Their Teacher is the Son of God!

JOH 8:58

JOH 13:20

He is going to be sending them out to preach the gospel.

Early in His public ministry, He had sent out His disciples with these same words.

MAT 10:40

So now, in John 13:20, He is reminding them of that earlier commission.

JOH 13:21-22

This is the third time that Jesus mentioned His betrayer in the Upper Room.

The other two are found in JOH 13:2 and JOH 13:10-11.

The disciples are in shock: Who would commit such a heinous act?

MAR 14:17-21

JOH 13:23-26

Now we are introduced to
“the disciple whom Jesus loved”.

  1. The Upper Room, JOH 13:23
  2. At the cross, JOH 19:26-27
  3. At the empty tomb, JOH 20:2-10
  4. By the Lake of Tiberius, JOH 21:7; JOH 21:20-24

The evidence points to John, the son of Zebedee.