And it was night.

Joh 13:21-30; 8:12; 9:4-5; 11:9-10; 12:35-36; Mar 8:31-33; Luk 12:50; 22:52-53; Act 26:22-23; Eph 5:8-11.

JOHN-106-230423 - length: 59:56 - taught on Apr, 23 2023

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April 23, 2023


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JOH 13:21-30

And it was night.

The evidence points to John, the son of Zebedee and the writer of this gospel.


The supper was most likely held in a special private room called the Triclinium.


The guests reclined on couches, on their left side.


The Jews adopted the Greek practice of reclining for special meals - like the
Passover supper.

There were three couches set out in rectangular form.

Three places held the most honor.


It is most likely that John reclined to His right, while Judas reclined to His left.

In this position, John could whisper his question into Jesus’ ear.

This was vintage Peter.

And he was definitely the most outspoken disciple.

MAR 8:31-33

Peter thought that if anyone would know, it would be John.

JOH 13:25-26

It was a gesture of friendship, honor, and love.

Jesus was giving Judas one more opportunity to abandon his vile plan.

This is the fourth time that John speaks of Judas as the one who would betray Jesus.

JOH 13:27-30

At that instant, Judas agreed to be the willing instrument of satan.

Now, any delay would only serve to keep Jesus from His hour of glory.

LUK 12:50

The darkness here is more than physical. It’s spiritual darkness.

JOH 9:4-5

In this gospel, Jesus identifies Himself as the Light of the world.

JOH 8:12

The darkness here is rejection of Christ - and the consequences of that.

JOH 12:35-36

The state of Judas’ soul was that of impenetrable spiritual darkness.

JOH 11:9-10

The power of darkness would soon have its hour.

LUK 22:52-53

But then the Light would shine again, and the darkness would cower in fear.

ACT 26:22-23

EPH 5:8-11