I go to prepare a place for you.

Joh 14:1-6; 6:67-68; 7:39; 8:31-32; 10:7-11; 14:25-26; Mat 13:17; Psalm 23; 31:5; 119:160; 2Sa 7:28.

JOHN-108-230507 - length: 63:37 - taught on May, 7 2023

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John Farley
Pastor Teacher
May 7, 2023

The address is 3134 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point.

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I will be taking time off in May and June.

Thursday May 25th
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JOH 14:1-6

“I go to prepare a place for you”

Here begins a time of unmatched intimacy and tenderness -
and truth.

JOH 7:39

Jesus taught the Jews many things about Himself. They refused to believe in Him.

But did His disciples really understand them?

Our passage this morning says a lot about our human nature.

JOH 8:31-32

Did they comprehend the freedom that Jesus had spoken about?

JOH 6:67-68

Did they realize that they were hearing and seeing things that had been hidden from the prophets?

MAT 13:17

Right now, they were overwhelmed by grief and worry and fear and despair.

His disciples were broken. They were ill-prepared for a future fast approaching.

He was ready to take on all their sorrows and griefs, their sins and failures.

This will all end well.

Keep your eyes on Me.

Soon it will dawn on you the fullness of who I REALLY AM!

JOH 14:25-26

JOH 14:1-5

You don’t need a map - all you need is ME!

He knows how weak we all are. He knows that His sheep need their shepherd.

Psa 23

Jesus was going about restoring their troubled souls.

JOH 14:6

I am the way.

JOH 10:7-11

I am the truth.

2SA 7:28
PSA 31:5

The only one who can truthfully make that statement is the Lord God.

PSA 119:160

I am the life.

I AM life itself.
There is no life apart from Me.