We will make Our abode with Him.

Joh 14:21-24; 4:24; 5:38; 8:37, 47; 16:27; 17:6-8, 20-21; Mat 24:30; Exo 25:8

JOHN-122-230827 - length: 66:09 - taught on Aug, 27 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
August 27, 2023

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“We will make our abode
with him.”

JOH 14:21-24

This love is a deep, intimate, unselfish bond among members of the family.

1. The disciples were to love one another as Jesus had loved them.

2. They loved Jesus by keeping His word.

We will see how Jesus reveals the Father’s role in this mutual love.

JOH 14:21

His disciples have His commandments and have kept them.

JOH 17:6-8

In Joh 17, Jesus includes all who would believe based on the word of His disciples.

JOH 17:20-21

The one who loves Jesus is the believer.

JOH 16:27

So, Jesus will disclose Himself to everyone who believes in Him.

The Greek word means to show, make manifest, or appear before.

JOH 14:22

“He who has My commandments and keeps them” is a synonym for a believer.

JOH 5:38

No unbeliever has Jesus’ commandments or keeps them.

Therefore, Jesus is not going to disclose Himself to unbelievers.

Judas focused on the Messianic king who would appear in glory to the entire world.

MAT 24:30

But as we have seen, that is not the disclosure that Jesus was talking about.

JOH 14:23-24

He begins by essentially restating what He just said in verse 21.

He will come to him- with His Father - and they will make their abode with him.

What does He mean by “make our abode with them”?

He and His Father are going to come down and make their home with them.

It’s different from His appearance at the end of the age.

Then, every eye will see Him.
But no one has seen the Father.

JOH 4:24

So the Father won’t be coming with the Son at that time - the Second Coming.

In the Old Testament, the Lord dwelt with men in His sanctuary.

EXO 25:8

It’s a spiritual home for the Father, the Son, and the children .

1. How is it that you are going to disclose yourself to us?

2. And how is it that you are not going to disclose yourself to the world?

Jesus answers this second question in verse 24.

JOH 14:24

“He who does not love Me does not keep My words”. This is a synonym for an unbeliever.

JOH 8:37

They are not loving the Father or keeping the Father’s words either.

JOH 8:47

The Father and the Son will never open their spiritual home to an unbeliever.

The only hope for them is the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit.