My peace I give to you.

Joh 14:27; Isa 9:6-7; 36:13-20; Jer 6:13-15; 1Ki 2:33; Rom 1:7; 5:1-2,8-11; 2Co 5:18-19; Col 1:19-22; 3:15; Php 4:6-7; Eph 2:13-16; Zec 9:9-10

JOHN-124-230924 - length: 63:16 - taught on Sep, 24 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
September 24, 2023


Pastor Kingsley: missionary trip to South Africa September 9-27


“My peace I give to you.”

JOH 14:27

Now, He is going to comfort them by giving a great gift: His peace.

He sets His peace in opposition to the peace that the world offers.

What is the peace of Christ?

What the peace of Christ isn’t
is the peace that the world offers.

The world offers a peace that is conditional, temporary, and deceitful.

Let’s see the kind of “peace” that the king of Assyria offered to Judah and her king.

ISA 36:13-20

Jeremiah attacked the leaders of Judah and the false peace they offered the people.

JER 6:13-15

What about the peace that Christ gives?

1. The prophets said the Messiah would establish peace for Israel in His kingdom.

ISA 9:6-7

2. The peace of Christ is permanent.
It can never be taken away. It is eternal.

1KI 2:33

3. The peace of Christ is a gift.
“My peace I GIVE to you”.

ROM 1:7

4. The peace of Christ means that we are reconciled to God forever.

2CO 5:18-19

5. This reconciliation was secured by the blood of Christ: His death on the cross.

COL 1:19-22
ROM 5:8-11

6. The peace of Christ flows from the righteousness of God.

ISA 32:15-17
ROM 5:1-2