The Father is greater than I.

Joh 14:28-31; 14:12-14; 8:46; 12:31-32; 17:4-5, 22-24; 18:1; Php 2:5-11; Luk 4:5-6; 1Pe 1:18-19; Rom 7:18-21

JOHN-125-231001 - length: 66:03 - taught on Oct, 1 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 1, 2023



“The Father is greater than I.”

JOH 14:28-31

He gently rebukes them for being selfish and short-sighted.

He challenges them to think of Someone besides themselves…. Him!

What does Jesus mean when He says that the Father is GREATER than He is?

Certainly, God the Father is greater than the humanity of Jesus.

JOH 17:4-5

He came to earth, and thereby He humbled Himself.

PHI 2:5-8

What the Father has waiting for Him is far greater than what Jesus had in His earthly existence.

When Jesus returns to His Father, the disciples will share in greater things as well.

JOH 14:12-14

The glory that Jesus will receive as the Son who returns to the Father would be far greater than His earthly glory.

JOH 17:22-24

JOH 14:29-31

The ruler of the world is the devil: Satan. He deceives the whole world (REV 12:9).

LUK 4:5-6
JOH 12:31-32

When Jesus says the ruler of the world has nothing in Him, He means that He is sinless.

JOH 8:46
1PE 1:18-19

But satan does have something in fallen man.

That ally is the flesh - the manifestation of sin in the fallen human body.

ROM 7:18-21

JOH 14:30-31

His love for the Father will be shown by His obedience to His Father’s will.

PHI 2:8

Jesus had taught the disciples that love for Him is expressed in obedience to Him.

JOH 14:31

The world is the embodiment of the power of unbelief and opposition to God.

They will know it, either by believing in Christ, or at the last judgement.

PHI 2:9-11