I am the True Vine.

Joh 14:31-15:11; 18:1; Psa 80:8-12; Isa 5:1-2; 11:1-2; Luk 8:15.

JOHN-126-231008 - length: 60:00 - taught on Oct, 8 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
October 8, 2023

“I am the true vine.”

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JOH 14:31 - JOH 15:1-11

JOH 14:31

When Jesus says “let us go from here”, they are about to change their physical location.

JOH 18:1


(1) the path from the Upper Room to the west side of the Kidron;


(2) the path that crossed the Kidron and reached the Garden of Gethsemane.



Then, the hour and the power of darkness would arrive.
(LUK 22:53)

JOH 15:1

Here in verse 1 we have the seventh and final “I am” statement of Jesus.

In the Old Testament, the vine was used as a symbol of Israel.

PSA 80:8-12

But Israel turned out to be a faithless vine.

The nation did not produce the fruit that the Lord expected from her.

ISA 5:1-2

Isaiah also prophesied about the True Vine - The Lord Jesus Christ.

ISA 11:1-2

Jesus is the True Vine as opposed to the fruitless vine: faithless Israel.

JOH 15:1-11