They have not known the Father or Me.

Joh 15:18-16:4; 5:15-18; 7:32; 8:42-44; 19:6; Luk 19:47; Act 5:40-41; 14:19; 25:14-15; Mar 13:9-13; 2Ti 3:10-17

JOHN-130-231105 - length: 64:28 - taught on Nov, 5 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 5, 2023

There will be no Bible study on Thursday November 9th .


“They have not known the Father or Me.”

JOH 15:18-16:4

Jesus is looking back to the persecutions that He endured.

He is looking ahead to the persecutions that His disciples will endure.

LUK 19:47

The chief priests and the Pharisees - the religious leaders - persecuted Jesus.

In JOH 15:18-21, Jesus tells His disciples that the world hates them.

He traces that hatred back to world’s hatred for Him and for His name.

JOH 15:18-21

They did not know God the Father, the One who sent Jesus.

Here we see the root cause of this hatred.

They worshipped their father. And their father was the devil - the god of this world.

JOH 8:42-44

JOH 15:22-25

Jesus reflects on the persecution He received from the religious leaders.

JOH 5:15-18
JOH 7:32
JOH 19:6

JOH 16:1-4

And the Bible records how His prediction came to pass.

ACT 5:40-41
ACT 14:19
ACT 25:14-15

Jesus also predicted that this persecution would get worse in the end times.

MAR 13:9-13

Paul told Timothy to expect to be persecuted as a good soldier of Christ.

2TI 3:10-17

Paul told also told Timothy what to do about it.