When the Helper comes.

Joh 15:26-27; 3:4-6; 6:63; Eph 4:20-24; Rom 7:17-20; 8:5-9; Gal 3:1-5; 5:16-23; 1Th 5:23-24

JOHN-131-231112 - length: 64:23 - taught on Nov, 12 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 12, 2023

“When the Helper comes.”

JOH 15:26-27

JOH 3:4-6

Now, this passage is certainly about the rebirth of the believer in Christ.

Being born of the flesh means being born into the race of Adam.

The flesh here means the manifestation of sin in the members of our body.

In fact, the Bible teaches that our flesh is getting worse.

EPH 4:20-24

That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

Jesus is saying that the flesh and the Spirit are totally contrary to one another.

JOH 6:63

The flesh is no good. There is no life in the flesh.

ROM 7:17-20

He adds “in my flesh” because the Spirit also dwells in him.

Nothing good dwells in me or you either, that is, in our flesh.

The flesh and the Spirit are mortal enemies. And both of them dwell inside us.

The flesh is hell-bent on destroying us.

On the other hand, the Spirit has nothing but good things for us.

Life. Truth. Guidance. Fellowship. Comfort. Righteousness. Peace. Joy. Hope. Power.

Instruction. Gifts. Wisdom. Union with Christ. Prayer. Sanctification.

One of the flesh’s favorite deceptions is to disguise itself as our friend.

It tries to convince us that we don’t need Christ or the Spirit or the Father.

The flesh deceives us into thinking we can be perfected by it.

GAL 3:1-5