He will convict the world

John 16:5-15, 33; 8:44; Rom 1:18-2:2; 3:9-20

JOHN-132-231126 - length: 62:37 - taught on Nov, 26 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
November 26, 2023


“He will convict the world…”

JOH 16:5-15

JOH 16:8-11 is bad news. But it’s not really news at all.

The fact of sin.
The fact of righteousness.
The fact of judgment.

Full of sin.
Empty of righteousness.

Facing the gaping jaws of a looming judgment.

JOH 16:33

The Spirit convicts the world concerning sin.


The Times of Israel, 15 October 2023.

The story of fallen man is a story of unrelenting cruelty and bloodshed.


The whole cauldron is on fire with sin and unbelief, revenge and hatred and murder…

If the world had any self-awareness, they would be fully convinced that man is utterly sinful.

JOH 8:44

The nature of sin is such that it deceives even itself as to its existence.

JOH 16:8-11

ROM 1:18-3:20 is the case that convicts the human race concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment.

ROM 1:18-25 gives the opening statement.

sin (ungodliness), (un)righteousness,
and judgement (the wrath of God).

ROM 1:18-25

ROM 1:26-2:2 exposes the wretchedness of the depravity of man.