You cannot bear them now

Joh 16:12-15, 2:18-22; 1Pe 1:10-12; 1Co 2:6-10; Php 3:20-21; 2Pe 3:10-13; Col 1:15-20; Col 2:2-10; Col 3:1-4.

JOHN-135-231217 - length: 67:58 - taught on Dec, 17 2023

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
December 17, 2023

Schedule note:
Christmas eve service will begin at noon next Sunday.

Funeral service for Lori’s dad: Friday December 22 at 3:00 PM at
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"You cannot bear them now."

JOH 16:12-15

The first one has to do with their current state of mind.

The second reason is more fundamental.
It has to do with their state of being.

like how He would rebuild the Temple in 3 days

JOH 2:18-22

What did He mean when He said that before Abraham was, I am (JOH 8:58)?

Why did the Shepherd have to die?

And we can, because the Spirit dwells in our hearts permanently also.

He was going to send the Helper, the perfect teacher, to guide them into all the truth.

The Spirit will listen to the Father and the Son and teach what He hears from Them.

How about things that the prophets longed to see and understand and could not?

1PE 1:10-12
1CO 2:6-10

They would learn what was going to occur in the future.

JOH 16:12-13

What about our destiny as members of the body of Christ?

PHI 3:20-21

What about the fate of this world?

2PE 3:10-13

Things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of the Father!

COL 3:1-4

Who Jesus truly is in all His fulness.
All things about Christ!!

COL 1:15-20
COL 2:2-3

Col 8-10

JOH 16:12-15

Ask the question: What does this teach me about Christ?