Abiding in the Vine

John 17:3; 6:63; 15:1-14; Col 3:16; 1Jo 3:14-18; Eph 3:14-19.

JOHN-144-240303 - length: 64:34 - taught on Mar, 3 2024

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 3, 2024

Abiding in the vine.

JOH 17:3

We can take hold of eternal life. And we can reap eternal life.

What happens in between taking hold of this new life, and bearing the fruit of it?

JOH 15:1-14

The branches on a vine have one purpose: to bear fruit.

But in order for a branch to bear fruit,
it must remain on the vine.

Abide in Me, and I in You. Do this and you will bear much fruit.

The simple answer to our question is one word: abide.

The Greek word means to remain, to dwell, to take up residence.

We are to dwell in Him.
And we are to allow Him to dwell in us.

Our lives can get very complicated.

We need to come back to the simplicity of devotion to Christ, again and again.

We need simple answers.
Clear instructions.

First, how do we let Jesus abide in us?

We let His words abide in us.

COL 3:16

Let My word dwell richly in your heart.

His word is life itself!

JOH 6:63

When His words pour through us,
life pours through us: eternal life.

What does Jesus mean when He says “abide in Me”?

JOH 15:7-9

Keep on abiding in His love.