Glorify Me Together with Yourself

John 17:1-26; 2Co 5:18-21

JOHN-146-240317 - length: 63:25 - taught on Mar, 17 2024

Class Outline:

John Farley
Pastor Teacher
March 17, 2024

Glorify Me together with Yourself.

JOH 17:1-5

The Father sent His Son into the world with a mission to save the world.

And soon He will leave the world and go back to the Father.

Jesus is going to leave the world, but His disciples will remain in the world.

JOH 17:15-18

Jesus will send His disciples into the world with a mission: to be His witnesses.

So Jesus now turns to His Father in intercessory prayer.

1. He asks the Father to glorify Him.
(Verses 1-5)

JOH 17:1-5

The Father will glorify the Son by leading Him to the cross.

The Son will glorify the Father by dying on that cross to complete the work that His Father gave Him to perform.

2. Jesus prays for His disciples.
(Verses 6-19)

JOH 17:6-8

Jesus is completely occupied with His Father in verses 6-8.

JOH 17:9-10

He asks the Father to keep the disciples in the Father’s name.

The Father’s name here refers to His shepherding qualities :


His rod (power to keep and protect)
and His staff (grace to care for and rescue).

JOH 17:11-12

Jesus asks His Father to protect His disciples from the evil one.

JOH 17:13-16

He also asks the Father to sanctify His disciples: to set them apart for their task.

JOH 17:17-19

3. He prays for all who will believe in Him through the word of the disciples: the church.
(Verses 20-26)

First, He asks for unity:
that they may all be one.

JOH 17:20-21